Nursery Makeover, Part 2

Now that I've admitted my mistakes on the Nursery (see previous post) I can now bring you up to date on the fun stuff - Decorating ideas.

Here is a view of one area of the Nursery. It's a very long, rectangular room. At one end we have a day bed - this is the view from which the pictures are taken below. This area I'll turn into a couch/seating area or bed, whenever needed.

At the other end of the room is where the crib will be. (Not shown) . I've been debating what to do with this wall so I thought I would show you the mock ups that I created to help me visualize before nailing into the wall. :)


The room as it currently is.

nursery 1


nursery 2
(1) Gallery Wall with Ikea White Frames .... with a stock photo baby. ;)

nursery 3

(2) Reduce the Gallery wall by 1 column and add the sconces on either side. Getting warmer?

nursery 3
(3) 1 Big Ikea Frame (shown to size) with 2 sconces for night time reading on either side.

Those striped "pillows" are just to show you that against that wall there will likely be a long pillow or multiple pillows to make it more of a couch vs. bed. (It's not necessarily the colour direction)

Thoughts? Either or neither?

By the way, any Torontonians able to recommend a Seamstress? Looking to have some drapes made and I wanted to try someone new vs. my other seamstress.
LindsayNursery (Ours)