Nursery Makeover Part 3 - boring stuff

This post will likely be boring for most people (Hi Mom) because it's just recapping the process of the Nursery, but at the end it brings the whole project up to speed, so this project called a "Nursery" can stay organized on my blog for when I look back fondly in a few years + remember the ups + downs. :)

Although I've posted inspirational pictures, and potential ideas, little has been done to the room up until now. This room has been an office, then potential spare bedroom, and then we found out we were pregnant, so this room now, as you know, a room for our future addition to our family. :)


Above, The room looked like this when we did a walk through of the house in December 2008.


When we moved into the house, and the room became my temporary office, the room got painted in Classic Gray, but nothing else was done to it. (I didn't realize that our mess in the hall made it into this picture, oops)


When the basement was done, I moved out of the spare bedroom, and I went full force on repainting. (For the low down on how THAT turned out, see Part 1)


There is this ackward bookshelf in the room (above) that couldn't go anywhere. So we thought we'd build out the top shelf, and add doors on the left hand side. (click here to read about that grand plan)

Nursery mock up

However, here is the newest dillema, that we didn't tell you about.

When we added in a day bed it caused an issue for adding doors onto the shelving unit. The doors wouldn't open fully, as the bed came out to far. It was a bit of an issue, what to do with this unit, but we came up with a fix. :) But I'm dirty, and exhausted from the work, so I'll post the Part 4 tomorrow. :)
LindsayNursery (Ours)