Fabric Shopping

Onto fabric shopping for the nursery.

I needed somewhere to start, and fabric is a great way to pull colours. I was on a mission to find *that* fabric to be inspired by. So, fabric shopping for the nursery began yesterday with a trip down to Designer Fabrics with Mom, as well as a trip to a new store.

First up,

King Textiles Toronto

We went to a new place, King Textiles, which is where I found this...

King Textiles Fabric

I swooned. I fell in love. I love stripes. I love gray stripes. It has been decided. It will be the bed skirt on both the day bed, and the crib. In. Love. I would make it more of the baby bedding, but it's silk. Doesn't wash. So, it will be places that won't likely get messy.

And at Designer Fabrics, Mom found this bold print that I think we're making into pillows for the day bed along with some other fabrics. Take a peek at the boldness that I fell in love with...


Again. I swooned. I fell in love. I just love that vibrant floral. But...it's floral. It has pink. But it also has lots of blues and greens!

Finding a fabric like that made it super easy to find jumping off points for other fabrics, since that big print has so many beautiful colours. For boys, you pull on the blues and greens and for girls, the pinks and oranges (sherbert!) works perfectly.

As you can tell from other rooms, I kind of like "white" but this room *needs* colour, unlike our Master Bedroom that just works with grays and whites perfectly.

Can't I just make the room a *little* for me? Inner debate going on over here...
LindsayNursery (Ours)