Bathroom Tiling, Part 2

Bathroom Tiling Part II happened today, with the help once again from Dad.

Instead of going outside to do the cutting on the wet saw, we put it in the "dungeon" room (which is a little room off the furnace room). It was a perfect place to cut as it creates little mess compared to cutting wood. And it is pretty cold here in Toronto to be working with water outdoors.



The men worked away at it for a good 5 hours, making sure the layout was perfect.


Initially we were going to just put tiles side by side, but when I played around with the look, it didn't seem right. It was much too "linear" for this small of a bathroom. And plus, since we're novices, we didn't do anything like "borders" like I've seen some people do, so some visual interest was definitely needed...

When I was at my parents house, I was staying over and looked at their bathroom floor that was recently done. I noticed that it was done in a diamond pattern. Genius.

So I suggested the pattern to the boys, and thankfully they agreed!

So now the tile for the floor has been cut! But since dinner time rolled near, we decided to leave the rest for another day. Baby steps....But big transformations!
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