Artist Profile : Sarah Merry

I wanted to introduce you to something that is on my wish list for our house. Wish list? Aubrey will probably read this and go..."How about a wish book." Ok, so my "lists" for what we would like add is long, but this is something that I adore.

One thing that our house needs is art.

In the past few years I've bookmarked a number of artists that I really love. I hope to one day be able to have one of their pieces in my home...and one day may be 50 years from now, but still, a girl can dream. I would love to introduce you to each of their works on our blog as I think it's important to support artists --- even if it's by introducing others to them.

This brings me to the introduction of Sarah Merry, an artist I've loved for the past 4 years after seeing her work in an office of a colleague. Her brush strokes seem effortless however the combination of colours is so perfect, it feels as though it must be intentional. It's that juxposition that intrigues me. (Love that word, juxposition...Aubrey laughs whenever I use it)

sarah merry

I just love the colours she uses together...perfect to go against the white walls in our house that are thirsty for artwork like this! Not only is she wonderful at combining colours, she's also Canadian. :) I'm hopefully going to pop by her studio and see some smaller pieces, and maybe someday soon we'll be able to add a little piece to our home.

Any of you have any favourite artists that you'd love to add to your home?

Images used courtesy of Sarah Merry, from her website