Spare Bedroom Inspiration

I think some people may think I'm nuts when I paint a room as white as I did like the spare bedroom. (Umm...did you see the hilarious refrences that Dad + Aubrey refered to the room as in this post?) I'm still giggling at the refrences.

I realize that my inner monologue/design plan, no matter how I articulate it, is never as good as seeing a visualization.

My overall plan is to really add pops of colour in this room with fabric. It's a spare room, so I feel like I have some freedom with going a fun with colours. The other thing I need to address is the elephant in the room, that comes out of the closet when we show people our 2nd bedroom. Yes. This will "one day" be a baby room. There is no baby in the immediate future, but I'm trying to consider design around this. I'm not a ducks + lambs kind of person, so this room will be the same with, or without a baby.

black and spiro

I was going through my design files and the images from Black & Spiro, and AMAZING website, sparked my imagination, and are pretty great examples when I say "pops of colour". You can see that the white walls allow for the fabrics to all play together. Will these be the fabrics. Probably not. But is this a good example of what I'm hoping to go for? Yes. :)