Office is slowly getting colour

The office is slowly coming together, with the hits of colour being added with the inspirational boards, and with work just piling up in general! It's getting busy work-wise, which is perfect timing. We had always planned on me being down here for Fall 2009, but I'm glad the move was awhile ago, because moving all the stuff + building the desk, took a lot more time than I thought.

Office snippits
Clockwise from top left: (1) Work desk + large posters getting ready to be mailed (2) Art prints getting ready for a photoshoot (3) Moishe reminds me to keep it youthful. ;)

I can't tell you how amazing it is having this whole area to work. We're trying to find a couch for down here so when I have corporate clients over, we can sit with a coffee in a seating area, instead of sitting on work chairs. I have yet to find one, but the hunt continues.

As the office gets filled, I will take some actual "nice" photos, but for now, here is a pop of colour, as I feel as though I scared my family with that "all white room" (2nd bedroom). My Father said.."It feels like I'm in that final sequence in 2001 space odyssey." (An all white room scene) And Aubrey calls the room the "heavenly room" as it reminds him of in movies when it's a "heaven" scene and it all goes white. The funny thing is - I agree with them both. ;) But when colour IS added, it will TRULY heavenly, and perhaps also, out of a movie. ;-)