Installing a new door

The subject of this post should really be "Installing a new door in an old house, with uneven walls, and doorframes that are not square". That, would be the appropriate title of this post. For this project Aubrey started at 3pm, and by 11pm (non-stop) he got it in. There was the removal of the old door, making the door opening larger, and then dealing with leveling the door. We had lined someone up to help us....but they never showed up. I had a feeling they wouldn't, so we started without them, and finished. I'm pretty proud of Aubrey for doing it. After a few blood drops, and a few curse words later, the transformation was fannnntastic,

Above, Door/Room when we bought the house. This door was an "interior" door. Not meant to keep cold outside, and warmth in. I don't want to think about how much heat was lost by the previous owners. We had put plastic wrap and piled pillows in our first winter to make sure that cold air didn't come in.

Above, The new door! I LOVE IT! It finally makes the room feel like ours, and less like the previous owners.

What we have left:

Me: I'm going to have romans made so we can have privacy, and sheild the light for when a little bit of afternoon Young & The Restless watching is needed. (The room is now VERY sunny). I'm trying to come up with a fabric that I like, but it may be white, with a grosgrain ribbon detailing.

Aubrey: Adding trim.