Eye Candy - Home Tour

I came across a home tour via a blog I have added to my roll of favourite blogs {freckles chic}. I clicked the link on her blog that led me to the home tour and I've spent the last hour drooling over every single photo. One word. Spectacular. Every element of this home was perfectly executed, and definitely my dream home.

The home is clean, yet not sterile, and the perfect amount of accessories in the living rooms etc.

219 North Cliffwood 1

Look at the living room. I am SO getting zebra ottomans. They have been on my wish list forever, and seeing this photo just confirms it.

219 North 7

219 North Cliffwood 4
I've been trying to figure out what to do with our dining room, and I'm inspired by this look.
219 North Cliffwood 3
Ohh, they have another living room!

So, go check it out. It's fun to find pictures like this where every single element is inspiring. So I thought I would post it for others to enjoy.

All photos are from http://219northcliffwood.com/

Update: Turns out the house was designed by Brooke Gianetti and her husband Steve and that she chronicles the build and design of it on her blog, Velvet and Linen. Here is a link directly to a post re: the home design. Thanks to RamblingRenovator for siting the source!