Caned Bed Makeover

Awhile ago I was perusing my local used furniture shop, Frontier Sales on the Danforth, I spotted this headboard in the corner. $125.00.


Umm, pretty similar to this one that is $2,200.00. (Bed no longer available, but I'm pretty sure it was a Rachel Ashwell Bed when I originally sourced the price comparison)


I contemplated where I could put this headboard, but it broke my heart to know that I had no where to put it. At $125 I knew it was a steal. Then....I recalled that my Mom was redoing one of her rooms, and we had just had a conversation regarding what she would have as a guest bed. I pulled out my phone, and dialed Mom, told her about it, and the next day - the headboard was being loaded into the car, and on its way to her house.

The issue - the headboard was just that. Only a headboard. The bed was brought over to Sharon O'Dowd Antiques, and they antiqued the headboard, and created a frame, and low profile footboard.


And here she is, all complete. :) I simply adore how the headboard was restored to be a full bed. I have had a few VERY comfy snoozes in this bed.