Ikea 2010 Catalogue

The Ikea 2010 Catalogue has hit the web - I sat there for about an hour flipping through the online catalogue. (You can view it online here) Although I'm not a fan of a larger percentage of it, just because of my style, a few items stood out for the new studio.

Here are my top three loves from the catalogue for the studio...
I love, love the top picture because it is exactly what I want the studio to be like, white walls, but punches of colour via books/art. The walnut Expedit shelf/desk combo is stunning, although I think the desk itself is MUCH too small for me. The new walnut colour in the Expedit line is fantastic...

The bottom picture is of a new item for the Billy Bookcase which is the tilted shelf for an awesome display of magazines. I drooled over this look! Maybe it can be encorporated into the design somehow.